miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Love the music

Love the music

I leave this new release of the Poet's Heart store, which was inspired by someone special to her, I leave her story. 
This gown's inspired by my best friend Eleya Kenin. 

We met some 10 years ago in an RP server in Neverwinter Nights online and we've been friends ever since. We do not always agree about everything, in fact completely opposite info we have opinions on Un certain things, but it's never our friendship Affected 

She plays a light bard, one of the best healers in the Entire server, in a game pwnage We both play in Addition to SL, and she's saved my sorry butt from vampire's death for more times than I can count. I got the inspiration to Make This gown from bard-ish That light bard, And Also Because I could not create anything without her being there to offer a second opinion or thoughts with me tossing. She is my muse, my best friend and she always will be. 

The poses are of Posesion store a new sponsor to trust me, thanks.

Hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - espresso
Outfit: Poet's Heart - Eleya's Song - Ocean RFL Poet´s Heart
Pose: *PosESioN* Details  Posesion

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