jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Look 15

Look 15
Look 15

Look 15

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jolene - Black&Whites
Top: IAF Cropped Jersey (Yellow) (With Tango Appliers) The Big Show ((IAF))
IAF Cropped Jersey (Black and Red) (With Tango Appliers)
IAF Cropped Jersey (Pink) (With Tango Appliers)
Short: IAF Basic Shorts (Royal Blue) (With Appliers) The Big Show ((IAF))
IAF Basic Shorts (Pink) (With Appliers)
IAF Basic Shorts (Red) (With Appliers)
Lips: Eyelure LipLove Gloss Set   -  5 pack Eyelure
Pose: Diesel Works - Bounce

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